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Low Carb Recipes

A collection of Low Carb recipes for every meal

Keto friendly Indian chicken curry in a red pot

Low Carb Indian Chicken Curry from Scratch

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This low carb curry is full of tender pieces of chicken simmering in a rich spiced onion gravy, based on an old family recipe this authentic Indian curry has only 5g net carbs!

Chicken skin nacho chips in a baowl

Chicken Crackling Chips & other Keto Friendly Dippables

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Can you have chips on the keto diet? Yes! But finding suitable low carb chips can be challenging. We all want something crunchy and dippable to snack on at parties that doesn’t derail the low carb lifestyles we work so hard to maintain

Low Carb Cream Cheese Frosting

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I am actually not a fan of most frostings. But this cream cheese frosting is so fluffy, creamy and buttery, then right at the end you get that hint of cloves, it’s a perfect addition to any dessert. Low Carb and Keto friendly.