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Hey I’m Adam and I am here to help stick to your keto lifestyle one meal at a time. 

Welcome to Yummy for Adam where foodies who love to eat, find keto treats

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Hello there!

My name is Adam and I am an Engineer from Canada who loves to cook, share recipes, and help people explore the love of food. 

Food has always been a major part of my life, and like many people I often enjoyed too much of it. 

After a lifetime of trying different methods to lose weight manage my weight once it was gone, I found my self about 100 pounds overweight!

No matter what I tried, I just couldn’t stick to it, I just couldn’t, and even when I did, the results were lackluster at best. 

 Until switched to a low carb keto diet.

Once I made that switch, everything changed, it was like my whole life hunger had both hands on the wheel. Once I switched to a low carb diet, it was like I had regained control of my appetite. 

Of course the best diet is the one you stick to, and the one you stick to is the one that you don’t struggle find a variety of different food to eat. 

If keto is going to be a lifestyle, if it is going to be how I eat and cook every day, every meal, every snack. 

I have managed to lose that 100 pounds and maintain that loss for many years now, and the key to my keto weight loss success has been the food and recipes that you will find here. 

The keto recipes you will find here are the foods that we eat daily in our household. Some of its easy and quick for those busy evenings, and some of it is slow food for when you just to get into the kitchen and cook.

The keto recipes here are meant to be practical everyday recipes, for practical everyday people, made with mostly normal everyday ingredients. 

I do most of my shopping at my small town grocery store. 

I do most of my cooking with a standard oven, BBQ, and stove. 

Its just everyday, attainable recipes from all different cultures, that for the most part just happen to be low in carbohydrates. 

I want to show you that there are already foods and recipes all around us that are low carb and keto friendly. 

I want to show you that you really can eat, cook, and live low carb everyday, without too much hassle. 

I will show you that you can both live low carb, and still love to eat. 

If that sounds like something that interests you, if you want a collection of every recipes from breakfast  to dessert, then check out the links below and find something yummy that will help you stick to our low carb lifestyle one meal longer. 


  • Recipes: Low carb and keto friendly recipes for people that love food. 
  • Information and resources: Get quick answers to common questions about starting and maintaining low carb and ketogenic lifestyles

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