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Semi Carnivore Diet Recipes and Meal Ideas

Semi-Carnivore Recipes

These recipes are semi-carnivore with some fully carnivore sprinkled in. They contain some herbs and spices, but the majority of the nutrition comes from animal products. Some refer to these as ketovore recipes. 

Carnivore Diet Recipes

These recipe are fully carnivore or can be made fully carnivore with simple changes. 

What is a Semi Carnivore Recipe?

Semi-carnivore recipes are almost carnivore. Sometimes referred to as “ketovore recipes” They’re carnivore-ish. 

These recipes are loosely carnivore, very low in carbs and very high in protein. 

They are almost entirely meat, fish, animal products or dairy, with the addition or spices, herbs, seasonings, etc. 

They are for anyone who who prefers to maintain a a very low carb high protein diet but does not need the benefits of a strict carnivore diet. 

They are not for anyone who follows a strict carnivore diet for therapeutic or medical reasons.

For a deeper dive a semi-carnivore diet and lifestyle read my post about eating intuitively for weight maintenance – a semi carnivore kind of life

What foods are considered semi-carnivore?

A semi-carnivore style of eating allows you to include some non-carnivore foods into your diet in relatively small quantities while still remaining mostly carnivore. 

  • All kinds of meat and animal products
    • Beef, chicken, pork, turkey, fish, lamb, goat, sausage, bacon, eggs, dairy, etc. 
  • Spices for cooking and seasoning
    • Turmeric, cumin, black pepper, paprika, etc. 
  • Fresh herbs
    • Cilantro, parsley, dill, etc. 
  • Small amounts of low carb produce such as aromatics
    • onions, garlic, ginger, citrus juices, hot peppers, etc. 

What foods are NOT considered semi-carnivore?

Although the definition of semi-carnivore is including small amount of non-carnivore ingredients to add variety, there are certain foods that are not considered semi-carnivore friendly even in small amounts. 

You are welcome to incorporate these foods yourself, there are no real rules to this except one, make sure it works for YOU. But you will n0t find any of these ingredients in any semi-carnivore recipes on this website. 

  • Added sugar or Artificial Sweeteners of any kind.  
  • Seed oils (Why use seed oils when you can use animal fat!!)
  • Bread, wheat, grains, etc. 

What's the point of semi-carnivore? - Why not full carnivore?

A semi-carnivore style of eating is intended for anyone who likes the idea of eating a carnivore lifestyle, but struggles with the stricter rules and lack of variety on a strict carnivore diet.

Note: This style of eating is NOT for anyone following a strict carnivore protocol for therapeutic or medical reasons unless you have deemed these foods acceptable for you. 

There are some who cannot even include black pepper in their carnivore lifestyle due to autoimmune and inflammatory issues.

These semi-carnivore recipes can easily be modified to fit a stricter carnivore diet. However these recipes are intended for people like myself who have no real reason to adhere to a strict carnivore diet, but prefer a clean keto diet high in protein and animal products, and very low in carbs.

Semi-carnivore allows for a little flexibility when it comes to  spices, seasonings, and produce, which for many adds sustainability and variety.

Semi-Carnivore Lifestyle