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5 Practical Gift Ideas For That Low Carb Someone

A gift guide full of ideas for holidays, birthdays, housewarmings, and everything in between. 

Gift ideas suited to bolster the confidence and provide some convenience to that low carb loving person on your gift list.

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Below are 5 great gift ideas, as well as 1 type of gift to never give that low carb someone. 

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You’ll notice that none of these ideas are labelled as a keto product or a weight loss product. These are practical, respectful, and helpful gifts that do not highlight the fact that this person is trying to lose weight or improve health. 

Just some supportive gifts to let them know that you are in their corner!

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost or effort to you, I will earn a small commission if you click through the link and make a purchase.
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1. Quality Cookware

If you are shopping for someone who is committed to their low carb diet, then they are likely cooking most of their meals themselves, which means they are doing a lot more cooking than ever.

Being a home cook myself, I’m telling you, quality cookware is one of my favourite gifts. 

In fact my favourite frying pan and knife were both gifts, I have used them daily for years. 

The rock frying pan is the absolute best non-stick frying pan that is super tough. Last year I got the entire set of rock cookware for Christmas and it has been an absolute dream to cook with. 

Check for sales at big box stores like Canadian tire or Costco, they come on sale a lot, sometimes more than half off, they make great gifts. 

Another great idea is a good quality cast iron skillet, another piece of cookware I received as a gift 10 years ago, and it still gets used regularily. 

Here is some of my favourite cookware that would make a great gift

2. Fancy/Specialty Appliance

Although a stove would be a wicked gift, I’m talking about smaller luxury appliances like an instant pot, slow cooker, food processor, spiralizer, or an immersion blender.

These are great for someone who is just getting started in the kitchen or in a new place. Even if they don’t use something like a spiralizer now, chances are once they get one and learn to use it, they’ll be so happy they have one!

Here are my top picks!

3. A Meat Subscription or Delivery

Ok picture getting this as a gift, a big, beautiful box of high quality, grass fed, fatty, delicious steak that shows up at your door. Whoever gave you that, is automatically your new favourite person. 

Now picture one more thing, that happening every month….literally the best gift ever.

Here are some awesome meat subscription and delivery services
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Carnivore Club

4. Smart Watch or Fitness tracker

I’ve received a smart watch early on in my weight loss journey, and I was a great motivator. 

As someone is improving their health through diet, it’s fairly common to start paying attention towards overall health and fitness.

A Fitbit or a Samsung smart watch can be a great tool that is packed with so many neat features designed to help you get a full understanding of your overall health.

5. An “Of The Month” Club!

There are so many cool and unusual of the month clubs that fit the low carb vibe! Companies like amazing clubs have so many to choose from!

Pickles, peanut butter, cheese, coffee! You can even make a custom one to suit that certain someone. 

I have used amazing clubs for years to create custom of the month gifts for loved ones and they are always a hit!

This year I was lucky enough to get some fancy coffee from Atlas coffee club and I have to tell you, it is top notch.

Atlas has a simple mission, to share the world of coffee with you one cup at a time.

They accomplish this by providing you with high quality, ethically and sustainably sourced unique coffee from a variety of different countries delivered right to your door each month. 

I got to try their Kenya dark roast and their secret extra dark roast. 

Definitely worth it, the packaging and presentation was beautiful, and the coffee is even better. 

If you know someone who enjoys their cup of joe more than most, or maybe that’s even you, then I cannot recommend Atlas coffee club enough. You wont be disappointed.

Atlas Coffee Club

What You Should Never Give as a Gift

No matter how well intentioned, there are certain types of gifts and products that should not be given as gifts. 

A journey towards health and weight loss can be very personal and people can be very self conscious about it, so highlighting that journey with your gift can come across the wrong way.

You’ll notice that while some of the suggestions above lean towards those following a low carb diet, none of them have anything to do with weight loss, and are not labelled as keto or low carb products, that’s not an accident!

Gifts never to give:

  • Diet food
  • Weight loss supplements
  • Weight loss guides
  • A scale
  • Anything labeled “keto”
  • New smaller clothing

This of course is person specific, and there have been times when I have asked people for new clothes at my new size, but unless specified, I would steer clear of anything that highlights weight loss, keto, or low carb. 

Happy Gift Giving!

Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost or effort to you, I will earn a small commission if you click through the link and make a purchase.

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